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What is cancer rehabilitation:
Cancer rehabilitation entails various treatments to improve a person's physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial functioning.

How is it helpful?
Cancer and its treatment frequently result in physical, psychological, and cognitive complications. These issues might make daily tasks and returning to work more difficult. They could potentially affect your health in the long run. These issues can arise during and after cancer treatment, and cancer rehabilitation can assist with them. Cancer rehabilitation seeks to achieve the following objectives:
Assist you in remaining active at work, in your family, and other aspects of your life. Reduce cancer's and its treatment's adverse effects and symptoms. Assist in maintaining your independence. Boost your life expectancy.
Who is a cancer survivor?
A cancer survivor is someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and has battled it from diagnosis until death. Cancer survivorship begins from diagnosis, not when treatment is completed.

People can get benefit:
The following are some of the concerns that may address:
Deconditioning is a typical side effect of practically any type of cancer, and it can be caused by time spent traveling to appointments and waiting. While deconditioning is frequently ignored as a "nuisance" symptom, it can substantially influence one's quality of life and lead to severe disability.
People dealing with or after cancer frequently experience pain. Pain can affect one's quality of life and lead to depression, from chronic post-mastectomy pain to post-thoracotomy pain, among other things. Each person's preferred therapies will differ, but requesting a consultation is the first step toward a better life. They may take to improve or avoid some of these therapeutic side effects.
Cancer tiredness is highly prevalent among cancer patients, and it can last for years after treatment is finished, even in early-stage tumors. Often, the first step in cancer fatigue treatment is to rule out any possibly curable reasons (there are many, including hypothyroidism related to cancer treatments.


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