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Dr Yeshi Dhonden is an acclaimed Tibetan doctor who played a significant role in making Tibetan medicine famous, primarily through his cancer treatment methods.

Dr Yeshi Dhonden was a well-acclaimed Tibetan doctor who was also the personal physician of Dalai Lama from 1960 to 1980. He was an icon of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and was renowned for his contribution to cancer treatment. For his immense services, he was awarded the Padma Shri by the Indian Government in 2018.

Dr Yeshi was born on 15 May 1927 in Namro, a small village in Tibet. At the age of eleven, he joined the Chakpori Institute of Tibetan Medicine and passed out at the age of twenty as the best in the class. He became famous for his medical skills after the efficient treatment of an influenza on the Tibetan-Bhutanese border. When the 14th Dalai Lama went into exile in 1959, Dhonden also accompanied him to help the Tibetan refugees in India. He was requested by the Dalai Lama to reinstall the Tibetan Institue of Medicine and Astrology, which he refounded in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, in 1961. He served as its Director till 1966, after which he established a private clinic in McLeodGanj, Dharamshala. He also traveled to Western countries to present lectures on Tibetan medicine and also seeing patients there.

Tibetan Medicine

Dr Yeshi Dhonden played a major role in making Tibetan medicine more popular. He was the pioneer of Sowa Rigpa, a traditional Tibetan medicine made by combining ancient healing systems of India and China. He is also known to treat and cure diseases such as cancer, brain illness, or mental problems, except polio. Tibetan medicine puts focus on the fact that the primary purpose of our life is to be happy. Therefore, they try to heal the source of the problems and develop good health through healthy choices. It explains the relationship between mind, body, and environment, and why the mind is the source of suffering. Tibetan medicine is used widely in Asia and is becoming more popular in the West.

The Science behind Tibetan Medicine

The cancer treatment in Tibetan medicine includes breaking down the cancer growth, cleansing the tissues, reducing the inflammation, and healing the organ affected. The primary medicine for cancer is made up of herbs, minerals, and precious gems processed through several processes such as grinding, sifting, compounding, etc. They also use herbal anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce infection and inflammation. Tibetan medicine also recognizes the role of diet and lifestyle habits during cancer treatment and advises it appropriately. It is important to keep in mind that most Tibetan medications take almost a month to show any change or signs of improvement.

Clinic in McLeodGanj

Dr Yeshi suggested that Tibetan medicine could be continued along with allopathy, as long as they were taken at least an hour apart. According to the internet, the total number of patients that he has cured goes well into lakhs. Due to the high number of patients, a token system is kept in his clinic in McLeodGanj, through which consultations can be booked as early as one month in advance. Even if the patient is immobile due to his condition, his caregiver can consult the doctor with the latest reports and a urine sample.

Dr Yeshi has also written several books on Tibetan medicine. Some of the most famous ones are Health Through Balance: An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine(1986) and Healing from the Source: The Science and Lore of Tibetan Medicine(2000). Due to declining health, he retired from medical practices in April 2019 and passed away on 26th November 2019 due to respiratory problems.

Dr Choephel Kalsang

Dr Choephel Kalsang was Dr Yeshis assistant for many years before opening his own separate clinic in Dharamshala to benefit more patients. Dr Kalsang is equally able in Tibetan medicine and has set up a huge campus in Dharmashala to treat and cure maximum patients as possible. Dr Kalsang treats only 90 patients a day on a first-come, first-serve basis, due to which patients should plan on staying for 3-5 days to consult with him. After the passing away of Dr Yeshi, Dr Kalsang is the next best option available in Tibetan medicine for cancer patients.

Tibetan Medicine - Conclusion

It is important to note that most patients approach Tibetan medicine when all other allopathic treatment procedures are tried and failed, and thus are not given much hope of prolonging their lives. While we dont have any conclusive scientific evidence showing that Tibetan medicine cures cancer, many claim that the treatment does bring positive results in patients.

Dr Yeshi Dhonden Clinic Address:

Tibetan Herbal Clinic, Ashoka Niwas, Jogiwara Road

Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, Distt. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

PIN- 176219

Ayurveda Contact Number:

+91 99 30 70 90 00