Navgrah Ashram-Ayurvedic, Bhilwara

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Shree Navgrah Ashram is an Ashram located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, that treats various diseases, especially cancer, through ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

Shree Navgrah Ashram is an ayurvedic Ashram located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, that treats various diseases through ayurvedic and herbal medicines. The Ashram treats multiple diseases like diabetes, kidney ailment, arthritis, liver problem, blood pressure, asthma, and gastric problems, but their main focus is directed towards cancer treatment. The Ashram claims to have cured more than 55000 patients of their diseases and provided successful treatment to more than 25000 cancer patients. The vision of the Ashram is to redefine healthcare with Ayurveda, and its mission is to provide valuable services to humanity in the field of healthcare.

The Science behind the Treatment

The Ashram grows more than 400 medicinal herbs, which they use to make Ayurvedic medicines for the patients. They also have more than twenty species of rare medicinal herbs that are on the brink of extinction. Their main aim is to treat diseases that can be treated using the 5000-year-old values of Ayurveda, without any side effects. The Ashram points out that cancer was not unknown to Indias ancient surgeons and that it is described as inflammatory and non-inflammatory swelling and recorded as 'Granthi or 'Arbuda in the Vedas. Thus, they use these historical validations to prove that cancer treatment is mentioned in the Vedas and provides medications according to that.

Vaidya Hansraj Chaudhary

The Ashram is mainly the creation of Vaidya Hansraj Chaudhary, who started it after a life-changing experience in 2013. Chaudhary was born into the small village of Bhilwara and studied Botany, Zoology, Animal Husbandry, and Agriculture. He worked as an Agricultural Supervisor for 25 years, but after witnessing the Kedarnath tragedy in 2013, he pledged to dedicate his life to the service of humanity, which led to the creation of the Ashram.

Shree Navgrah Ashram

Shree Navgrah Ashram is open on Saturdays and Sunday from 7 am till 4 pm in the evening. The Ashram is situated in Raila, Bhilwara, and is relatively easy to travel to with various transport modes available to the Ashram.

Like other forms of Alternative therapies, Navgrah Ashram claims to have successfully treated thousands of patients who were not given much chance at life. Although not scientifically proven, people visit with hope in their fight against cancer.

Contact Number for Ayurveda:

+91 99 30 70 90 00

Shree Navgrah Ashram Address:

Shree Navgrah Ashram, Moti Bor ka Khera,
Raila, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

Email: [email protected]